Best E-commerce Shipping Software to Use This Year

With good e-commerce software, online shops can manage every aspect of their online shop such as to remove or add products, calculate their taxes, organize their stock, and their site’s order fulfillment. However, even with all these so vital to your e-commerce operation, the question that begs is how well you can ship these products to your customers? This gap can only be filled by having in place suitable e-commerce shipping software.

A good shipping solution for your e-commerce shop should integrate with the latest and popular e-commerce programs. They will help to ease your day to day e-commerce operations. With a good e-commerce shipping software program you will accurately calculate the shipping rates; you will easily print shipping labels and also lets the e-commerce owner to pack slips in bulk. Shipping software may also grant the shop owner discounts on shipping rates. Today though there are myriads of companies for e-commerce shipping solutions such that choosing the best from the rest is almost impossible, nonetheless in this piece, we have eased your search to bring you a few shipping programs to integrate into your online shop.

1. ShippingEasy

This shipping solution has a near-perfect score of 4.5 stars. It is preferred for e-commerce stores as its name suggests, an e-commerce owner can often find it easy to use as well as their customer support is prompt. In case of potential hiccups, they are ready to help you out. The software is best for all sizes of e-commerce stores, and especially if you run your e-commerce site, then this one is one of the most preferred shipping solutions for you.

This software is highly affordable, and plans start from as low as $29 per month for 500 shipments to $99 per month for up to 6000 shipments. On the other hand, the software also has a free plan for e-commerce owners that do less than 50 deliveries per month.

2. OrderCup

This software is among the best shipping software for e-commerce shots. First of all its interface is easy to use, it also offers multi-channel shipping options as well as discounted rates of shipping. Their customer care representatives are also among the best due to their short responsive time. The software is best for those who ship anything between 500 to 12000 shipments each month. Also, if you only require 1 to 12 users on the platform at a time, then you should consider it. Its cost effective plans also make it likable among merchants.

The OrderCups interface is easy to lean you integrate your hosting shopping cart during set up, and then the shop’s orders are automatically transferred to the software’s dashboard. The software’s other features include automated shipping process, bulk import orders using the CVS files, you can print the return labels with the shipments, consists of the schedule of shipment pickups and finally, it integrates with the third-party fulfillment.

3. Ordoro

This application is for shipping and inventory which is designed for SBBs. Ordoro has impressive shipping features and is best suitable for people using Shopify e-commerce websites and looking for the best USPS rates. Notably, this application is perfect for small and midsized merchants; also, if you are planning to dropship, then you will benefit mainly from this program.

Ordoro features include processing orders from many sales channels you can integrate with FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS, Amazon Fulfilled Prime as well as Canada Post, inventory management for bought plans, and also users can track their shipments.

4. ShipStation

This is also ranked among the best shipping solutions today. This is due to its company being an excellent one for marketing campaigns and also due to the many integrations that the software comes with. The software is perfect for both small and middle-sized merchants who sell online. If you are a starting merchant selling online, then you should give this software a try.