A few things you can expect from eCommerce multi carrier shipping software

eCommerce multi carrier shipping software

So, you have decided that your business needs eCommerce multi carrier shipping software. Congratulations. This is a very smart decision because with the right kind of software you can improve your business results. We are talking about high-quality shipping software that can manage almost every aspect of the shipping process. If you are new to this, you are probably wondering what you can expect from eCommerce multi carrier shipping software. Look no further because we will provide the details in this blog post.

For starters, users can expect to get the lowest shipping rates no matter how small or big their business operations are. Some of them provide significant discounts on popular shipping services like USPS. In addition, if they upgrade their plans they can expect additional discounts. Some software solutions are providing promotions on shipping insurance which can be quite useful especially if you are selling products that can be damaged easily.

The shipping workflow thanks to the best eCommerce multi carrier shipping software will be smoother than ever. Thanks to this software, you can handle orders, organize packing, monitor shipments, automate shipping by adding specific rules, notify recipients and more. You can do all these things through a simple user interface and after just a few clicks.

The best solution will also integrate with most of the popular shopping carts, marketplaces, and platforms. Every user can easily filter and make custom views for all their orders. It’s also possible to upload CSVs in some cases.

The majority of eCommerce multi carrier shipping software solutions today have label printing feature too. So, you can print labels, pick lasts, pack slips and do few other things quickly and without any hassles. They allow in-browser printing for any type of workflow.

Finally, these eCommerce multi carrier shipping software options are here to automate the process of shipping which will ultimately save you time and money. In other words, you will get a chance to find the best carrier automatically based on the customers’ delivery preference. You can also add specific rules to label printing and order management. Additionally, you will be given a chance to make rules for delivery preference, weight, package size and many other things. You can even add insurance automatically to certain types of shipments.

We hope that this information will encourage you to find a good eCommerce multi carrier shipping software solution.


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